Global Leadership Certificate to be offered to international students in the fall

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Students take classes seriously, the public administration coordinator said.

By Geoffrey Hovatter

This college’s business and entrepreneurship department will offer Global Leadership Certificate courses to international students in the fall.

Students who complete the courses will earn an occupational skills award.

To obtain it, students must take 12 credit hours.

International students can choose three of six courses offered by the department and an elective course offered in the business and entrepreneurship department.

The courses are PBAD 1392, Special Topics in Public Administration Leadership; PBAD 2339, Human Resource Management in the Public Sector; PBAD 2341, Legal Aspects of Public Management; PBAD 2331, Budgeting; IBUS 1305, Introduction of International Business and Trade; and BMGT 1341, Business Ethics.

“The goal is to make sure that we have them take something with them because it’s still very valuable,” public administration Coordinator Sylvia De Leon said. “Any degree, any certificate from the United States is very valuable for any country.”

Each of the Alamo Colleges teaches specific classes to international students.

This college focuses in business course offerings.

At this college, the classes are taught by De Leon; Dr. Mahmud Yusuf, coordinator of banking and financial services; and Dr. Charles Hunt, coordinator of business management.

The State Department requires international students to enroll full-time in college.

International students attending classes here at the college are also taking classes back at their university.

The idea for the certificate course came when De Leon noticed international students did not have anything to show for their hard work when they went home.

She presented the idea offering international students a certificate to Dr. Federico Zaragoza, former vice chancellor of work force development.

Zaragoza liked her idea and helped De Leon create the Global Leadership Certificate.

“It took about a year to do all the legwork because you have to do a labor market analysis, you have to go into the committees and then explain it,” De Leon said.

Since 1995, the public administration program has been internationalized, involving studies of other countries.

She said the they teach students how to understand international business and how every country is run differently.

“In other words if you take one of our courses in our program we talk about how other countries do it,she said.

De Leon said this college teaches students the importance of international businesses and how government directly works with businesses.

“Most of Latin America and Mexico is owned by the government; in Asia the telecommunications companies are owned by the government,” De Leon said. “They (students) have to understand both, and they have to understand how we do it in our country and how they do it.”

The classes use comparisons to help students understand the differences.

International students taking these courses must have an understanding of private and government-owned business.

De Leon said international students may come from all different parts of the world, but all of them come with the same mindset.

“They take their classes extremely seriously. I mean, they rarely miss,” De Leon said.

She said she teaches her students to look at problems one at a time instead of working on them all at once.

“I always tell them,‘ You cannot change the whole world, you do it one piece at a time. You’ve got to choose one or two issues, not the whole thing.’”

She also said the classes teach students the importance of leadership and ways to recognize it in themselves.

“We teach them where the power is, how to recognize power, how to use power,” De Leon said.

For more information, contact De Leon at 210-486-0192 or email at, or call the business and entrepreneurship department at 210-486-1414.


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