Mega lab opens registration to an online class

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OLRN’S purpose to prepare students for distance learning.

By Isacc Tavares

The student mega lab in Moody Learning Center has opened registration to an online class called Orientation to Online Learning.

“It is meant to show the differences in online learning and face-to face,” Michele Tippit, lab coordinator, said. “We have quizzes, videos and self-reflection. It’s to evaluate yourself and say, ‘I am really ready for online classes?’”

The lab is open to all students at the college.

“Some of the work that students will do is to write a paragraph of the characteristics of online learning and submit it,” Tippit said. “We’re not trying to be hard on the students, but a lot of the time an assignment will be wrong. So we’ll tell them to read the instructions carefully and resubmit.”

Tippit said that grading isn’t meant to be tough, but when students are taking a class, especially online, the teacher is not reminding them to follow the instructions.

Exercises like, discussion board posts and use of the email inbox will be available, she said.

“It’s a simulation to online classes and how many of them will be structured and will work,” Tippit said.

“We have resources to help students, videos, tutorials. It’s just to give you, for a lack of a better word, a safe area,” Tippit said. “That way students can get ready for the online class.”

The OLRN class is not required by the college, but many teachers will require students to take the class before taking their online classes.

“It won’t affect your grade-point average if you don’t pass the OLRN class we have,” Tippit said. “But you need to pass it because it will show up in your teachers’ roster and if they require you to have that class completed successfully, then you should take the OLRN class anyway.”

Students will need an 80 percent or better to pass the class at the college.

“It’s a one and done class, meaning once completed students don’t have to take it again,” Tippit said. “Once completed, students will be able to take online classes at any of the Alamo Colleges.”

Class registration is now open. Students can find the class registration on the ACES page where classes are usually selected.

“Registration is open for the summer. We open weeks, months in advance,” Tippit said. “You will see two classes on the registration page. Select one of them, give it a couple of minutes and check the dashboard and it should be there.

“We want to get the word out for this course because we want students to be prepared for online classes and to be comfortable with ACES and Canvas,” Tippit said.

The lab is open 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday in Room 502 of Moody.

For information, call 210-486-0160.


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