Old hands direct new students to favored services

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Architecture sophomore Nixon Maldonado receives hints from reference librarian Karen Briere and academic program specialist Rick Saldaña to complete the library services quiz Aug. 27 in Moody. Maldonado was awarded a notepad for getting all answers correct. Librarians and other staff were promoting the library during Weeks of Welcome. Andrea Moreno

Valerie Villarreal, administrator associate of the student advocacy center, shows the miscellaneous shelf where baking essentials, peanut butter and spices can be found Aug. 9 at The Store. Students are only allowed one item in this shelf because there is not much supply, Villarreal said. Andrea Moreno

The library wins praise for teaching tools of research.


Third- and fourth-semester students have some advice about college services for those new to the college.

Alexis Perez, 20, criminal justice sophomore, said the library in Moody Learning Center has been the most helpful spot on campus. “The librarians are very nice and understanding, and they provide you with tools and resources that can help you with future classes and research.”

Jordan Miles, 32, radio-television-broadcast sophomore, said the library was a hidden resource for him.

“Last semester, I was in the library for everything and it’s close to the coffee shop,” he said.

Justiano Ramirez, 20, nursing sophomore, said the library has been his most helpful service “since you can use the internet or it’s helpful for students who don’t have a computer at home.”

Malea Morales, 20, education sophomore, is grateful for the facilities at Palo Alto College and all the perks that come with being a student.

“Utilizing the library and the computers there help out students who don’t have access to computers at home,” Morales said.

Ryder Muraira, 21, also an education sophomore at Palo Alto, said, “Studying in the math lab and in the Ozuna Learning Center is really helpful. There are tutors there to assist you, including myself, or if you just need some peace and quiet, the facilities are there.”

Hayden Ensley, 19, criminal justice sophomore here, said she would recommend the computer lab to new students.

“The computer lab offers free internet and it’s easy to access. I have gotten a lot of my work done in there, and I was able to ask for help whenever I needed it,” Ensley said.

Kimberly Canales, 20, nursing sophomore, recommends new students visit the tutoring centers when needing help, but especially the Bio-, Geo- and Chem- spots.

“They are very helpful and the staff is really nice. It really does help you understand your classes more. Also free coffee,” she said.

Chloe Benavidez, 19, nursing sophomore, said she believes the advising office is the best place to go for new students.

“If a student has any questions or (is) struggling to find a future pathway, the advising office will always be there to help,” he said.

Stacey Rowan, 20, liberal arts sophomore at Northwest Vista College, recommends meeting with advisers specifically assigned in your major field.

“Your department adviser knows so much more than the general advisers,” she said.

Kyle Jones, 28, information assurance and cyber security sophomore here, said he appreciates having in ACES a useful degree planning tool called GPS.

 “GPS is a perfect tool to keep you on track and make sure no time is wasted and one could stay on track. I recommended this tool to freshman students on up,” he said. “Ditch the planner and use the Alamo GPS!”

Mikayla Burneett, 22, arts and sign language sophomore, said the women’s  empowerment center has been her most helpful service because “you don’t have to pay to print things there.”

Deja Willson, 22, architecture sophomore, said the Victory Center helps non-active and active military members transition and acclimate into college.

“Without this program, college would have been much more difficult,” Willson said.

Nico Cardenas, 20, liberal arts sophomore, said the student advocacy center offers clothes, food and help with financial aid if you qualify financially.

“They were giving out food the other day,” he said.

The advocacy center maintains a pantry, closet and social workers. In addition, the center offers a free snack daily.

Stephanie Fonseca, 24, biology sophomore, shared that having a great support system has helped her get through her school journey.

“What has helped me get through classes is having support, whether it be teachers, tutors, family or friends,”  she said.

Fonseca also stressed that studying and keeping focus on studies helps anyone achieve good grades.

“Most of my freshman year was spent in the math lab and English lab perfecting my papers or understanding my homework,” she said. “Studying is an important factor in succeeding. I have stayed late at school because I knew if I went home, I would get sidetracked with my home duties. It has been a lot of time to sacrifice, but at the end of the semester, when I see my grades, I feel proud knowing my hard work paid off.”

Compiled by Jasmine R. Castañeda, Katelyn Earhart, Andrea Herrera, Cristian T. Lara, Kelli Renae Reames, Chasmi T. Stewart and V.M. Zuniga, students of COMM 2311-001, Media Writing.


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