Advisers to register students in Flex 2 event

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Advisers recommend students use the GPS tool in ACES.

By Orlando Torres

Advisers are planning a two-day event to help students register for Flex 2 courses.


Advisers will be in Room 502C of Moody Learning Center 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Sept. 30-Oct. 1.

Snacks will be provided for students who stop by and register for Flex 2 classes.

Flex 2 courses last eight weeks Oct. 21-Dec. 14. The last day to register for Flex 2 is Oct. 13.

“This is intended in registering students for Flex 2 classes, but the point is to get students to register for full-time,” team lead Amy Gomez said Sept. 24. “We’ve noticed that students tend to do better in taking full-time courses.”

Emails have been sent alerting students to the event, but they are not always seen, she said.

“I started promoting more on social media to create other ways to reach out to the students about walk-in hours and upcoming events,” Gomez said.

Advisers use the GPS plan available in ACES to help students progress toward a degree.

GPS stands for Goal Plus Plan Equals Success. It shows students’ academic progress and degree plan.

Advisers also help students choose classes that transfer to the senior institutions they choose.

“If it’s for an associate or a certificate, we make sure those courses are sequenced properly,” team lead Bonita De Leon said.

To follow events on social media, look for Sac Advising on Instagram and Facebook.

For questions on advising, call 210-486-0334.


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