Travis Park goes to the dogs in the 17th Siclovia

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The 17th annual Siclovia closes off streets Sept. 29 from Travis Park on East Travis Street to Mahncke Park on Broadway. Participants were able to bicycle, skate or scooter along the route. YMCA of Greater San Antonio coordinates this event twice a year. Linda Owens

The spring event is being planned and needs volunteers.

By Linda Owens

Partly cloudy skies and a forecast of rain did not deter participants in Siclovia Sept. 29 at Travis Park downtown.

Streets were closed from Mahncke Park on Broadway to Fourth Street,  then Alamo Street to Travis Park on East Travis Street.

Travis Park, Lions Fields, Mahncke Park and Maverick Park all had Reclovia stations where participants could enjoyed music, healthy food options, vendors and exercise demonstrations for the event sponsored by the Greater San Antonio YMCA.

Paul Joshua Rodrigues Street, preacher and writer, brought his Australian shepard P.J., to Travis Park for the first time for this event

 “I love the energy here. Last week there was jazz and ballet here. It is nice that they use the park like this. I like to dance to the music in the park,” Rodrigues said.

 Instructor Rizza Poblete of Mays Family YMCA, led a Zumba demonstration.

Nancy Abbott and her English springer spaniel, Zoey, and Jill Powell and her Belgian malinois, Mollie, partcipate in a body combat demonstration Sept. 29 in Travis Park during Siclovia. Linda Owens

 She invited people to sign up for classes during the event,

Two volunteers for Canines for Christ also came out in support for Siclovia in Travis Park.

This is a national nonprofit organization. Their therapy canines visit nursing homes, veterans’ hospitals and children’s centers and respond to disasters.

Their mission at the event was to make people aware that they have a chapter here and are looking for volunteers and donations. They brought the dogs out for people to pet and members hand out literature describing what the organization does.

Canines for Christ volunteers Nancy Abbott and her springer spaniel, Zoey, and Jill Powell and her Belgian malinois Mollie, were resting under a tent in the shade after taking part in body combat demonstrations with their dogs.

“It’s a beautiful day to dance with the dogs. They (dogs) were really into it,” Abbott said.

David Pena led the bodycombat demonstration with Jaclyn Trevino. Both work at the Mays West YMCA.

 Pena is the director of aquatics and led the workout program described as an empowering cardio workout where participants are “totally unleashed,” according to the YMCA website.

Trevino teaches resistance training called body pump and bodycombat workouts.

The city shut down Broadway for five hours allowing participants to bike, skate or stroll outside and get fit.

Lawrence and Diamond Lopez biked from the Pearl Brewery on Broadway to Travis Park. The couple was among thousands who biked their way to the parks this year. An estimated 71,062 were in attendance, Stephanie Chavira, director of Siclovia, wrote in a email Sept. 30.

“It’s a wonderful day to go out and enjoy the weather.  I’m glad for the clouds or it would be worst with all the humidity,” Mrs. Lopez said.

John Herrera, San Antonio bike police officer who was patrolling Travis Park said, “Crowds were light this morning. I hope that the rain holds off. Each park from here north to Mahncke (park) have their own officers patrolling to ensure the safety of all participants.”

The next Siclovia is March 30, 2020, The YMCA of Greater San Antonio is requesting volunteers. For more information go to


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