Awareness of relationship violence helps supporting victims

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RE: “Wear It On Your Sleeve will call attention to relationship violence” published Oct. 1.

As it is becoming more and more acceptable for men and women affected by abusive relationships to speak out, events like this become so incredibly important.

It is also important to note that this event reaches out not only to those in an abusive relationship but also to those outside of those relationships looking in.

Informing non-abused people about the warning signs and symptoms may lead to more people reaching out to the abused to help them either get out of their unhealthy relationship, collect themselves after leaving an abusive relationship or help adjust patter to ensure that the victim will not find themselves in that kind of relationship again.

I would just like to highlight this event; I cannot overstate how much events like this help our community.

Thank you for drawing attention to such an incredible event.

Griffin Derk

English freshman


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