Finance courses should be essential learning to students

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This letter is written in regards to the article published Sept. 17 titled, “Real estate coordinator wants personal finance course for all students.”

As a recent high school graduate, I can say that high school never really exposed us to personal finance, such as concepts of budgeting, saving, and using credit.

Instead, it was my mom who was teaching me all these concepts from a very young age so after I graduated, I wouldn’t be that clueless, however, not too many students can reach out to anyone like I was able to.

Requiring a course like this would help those students who don’t know where to go or how to even begin in managing their money.

Through this course, more and more students would be exposed to finance and would be given a better understanding of the real world and get access to resources they need in order to be successful in life after college.

Kayla Olveda

Radio-television broadcasting freshman


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