Students should take advantage of workshops for information, relaxation

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In reference to the article “English class makes zines in free speech workshop,” published Sept. 27, creativity is something that is sadly forgotten about, yet is it one of the most useful aspects of life. Without creativity nothing would change or evolve and knowledge would not expand.
San Antonio College has made the best decision to allow workshops like “Make a Zine” to provide students with an opportunity to participate in an activity that is not only becoming more popular over time, but is also known to have significant effects on brain function and coping mechanisms so it is useful to students who need a place to get away or a way to soothe the stress of the semester.

The event accepts and welcomes anyone who is interested, even if they have never tried it before.

The workshop consisted of making a zine that was geared towards microaggression and current events.

This helps to relieve stress, keep people informed, and help people feel like they have a voice.
This is the kind of content that people need to see and read. There are a lot of students who have no idea these events are ongoing and available and The Ranger makes this news available to all students for their benefit. It is important that there be a push to help students find out what kinds of resources are available to them, and they should be thoroughly informed.

Christi Nicolle Flores

Business administration sophomore


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