Students with 3.0 GPA may join Leadership Society

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Nationally known speakers address chapters through livestreaming.

By Jon Hernandez

The National Society of Leadership and Success is an honors program that students are invited to join based on being in a degree program and having at least a 3.0 GPA.


Students who meet those qualifications receive an invitation beginning in late November. The fee to join is $95.

Students can join up to six years later after receiving the invitation, Mark Bigelow, coordinator of student success, said Oct. 15.

“The registration window needs to be open in order to use the invite. Ours is closed and will reopen at the end of November through the end of January,” he said.

Students should wait to join until they need only 20 semester hours to
complete their degree program, he said.

“I ask the students to have 20 hours left in their program because not everyone can finish the steps in a semester,” Bigelow said.

To qualify for induction, students must attend an orientation, a speaker broadcast event, success networking team meeting and leadership training day.

The leadership training day is an introduction to the organization that teaches fundamental philosophies about leadership.

“Leadership training day allows you to practice and understand what to do when others do not have your leadership style. It is basically trying to
understand yourself as a leader,” protective services sophomore Gerald T. Dove, president of the organization, said Oct 24.

In the success networking team meetings, members discuss speaker
presentations and set goals based upon what they have learned. They also discuss their progress, such as achieving goals.

“Members have to take action steps to achieve these goals,” Dove said. “Goals can be anything a member wants to achieve. Members say what their goal is, then action steps are discussed. If the member is not successful at achieving the goal, team members will give ideas for you to achieve them.

“It’s a support system. Members help you and want you to strive to achieve the goals you want to accomplish,” he said.

An example of a goal is better time management, he said.

After each meeting, members submit a meeting report that is reviewed by

This college’s chapter has 1,035 active members and 1,444 alumni members. The organization has 1 million nationwide with 700 plus chapters, Bigelow said.

Nationally recognized speakers address members of the organization through live presentations streamed through the internet.

“They are live broadcasts from various places throughout the country,”
Bigelow said.

Presentations are repeated twice on select days, Bigelow said.

Tiki Barber, former running back of the New York Giants, will speak 5:45-7:45 p.m. Nov. 6, and it will be repeated 1:30-3 p.m. Nov. 18 and Nov. 19 in the Fiesta Room of Loftin Student Center.

Nonmembers are invited to attend speaker presentations.

Members receive benefits while earning induction.

These benefits include an online job bank, a nationwide network, success
oriented leaders, personal success coach and goods and services.

Benefits after induction include a leadership certification, résumé
enhancement, a letter of recommendation and scholarships and awards.

The next induction ceremony is at 7 p.m. Jan. 22 in the auditorium of McAllister Fine Arts Center.

“What I would tell students on why they should join the society of leadership is that there are so many students coming from different stages in life that
everyone has something to teach,” Bigelow said.

 “Work for induction, be part of interaction to know and understand to have a skill set to go out and assist becoming better leaders,” Dove said.

For more information on the National Society of Leadership and Success, contact Bigelow at 210-486-0136 or visit


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