TPR host visits The Ranger

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David Martin Davies, host of “The Source” and “Texas Matters” at Texas Public Radio and former Ranger student, speaks to journalism students about his experience in reporting Jan. 24 in Loftin. Davies has covered stories from Mexico, Honduras and the border. “It’s a great time to be a reporter,” he said. Andrea Moreno

The veteran journalist talked about his experience

By Andrea M. Gonzalez

On Jan. 24, The Ranger got a visit from David Martin Davies, the host of Texas Public Radio’s “The Source” and “Texas Matters.”

As a journalist with more than 30 years of experience, Davies stressed how people want their story told.

To do just that, he spent the night in Bexar County Jail to hear the stories of the guards and inmates, to see what really goes on.

Davies said he does not ask for permission because management often will say no to his ideas.

He once used his vacation to go to Honduras and started sending stories back.

He talked about the many writing opportunities the world has to offer.

He said there’s a need for more San Antonio writers who have been “drug through the dirt” to tell their stories.

He learned his skills on his own and said “white privilege” helped a lot.

Davies said he made his own opportunities in news media, with survival being his number one concern.

That is how he became a journalist in Mexico City. He was an illegal immigrant while working there and eventually got fired for stories about crooked elections.

A quote that resonated with staff of The Ranger was, “Journalism should not be an Ivy League, white-collar job; it should be a blue-collar job.”

He wrote about San Antonio’s dirty underbelly, things you don’t normally hear about, in a self-published comic book called San Antonio Secret History. Now he has a book coming out from Trinity University Press in April.

Davies’ last piece of advice for future journalists, “Start now. Don’t wait.”


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