Wintermester attracts quintuple the students

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By Michael W. Donoughue

During the winter, most students are excited to be heading home for the holidays after a stressful fall semester.


However, some students decide that they would like to attend school during the break so they can graduate quicker.

Beginning on Dec. 16 and ending on Jan. 3, the college offered online core and non-core classes to students who wanted to complete their degrees faster.

Among the classes offered were learning frameworks, English, math, humanities, history and astronomy.

Dr. Sobia Khan, dean of academic services, said, “Wintermester allows students an opportunity to take additional credits they may need.”

“Some students may want to take classes they have missed in the regular semester,” she said. “We also have transient students, those are students from university that are home on holiday break and want to take classes that transfer from San Antonio College at a lower cost compared to tuition at the university.”

During Wintermester this year, enrollment skyrocketed to 869 students, as compared to enrollment the previous winter break, which drew only 175 students.

Alex Perez, a 21-year-old education and kinesiology major, took a history class during the wintermester. He said, “It’s part of my school plan, and since I want to be a high school teacher, you can learn a lot in history.”

Brad Dudney, program coordinator in kinesiology, who taught a winter semester class called KINE 1338, Concepts of Physical Fitness, said the wintermester is a chance for students to catch up.

“It helps them get ahead of schedule in terms of receiving their associate degree of if they’re behind schedule, it helps them catch up.”

He also said it was the first time kinesiology offered a class during the winter semester, and would more than likely do it again.

Courses can be found in the class schedule listing found on the college homepage under Course Catalogs.


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