San Antonio Express-News reporter emphasizes importance of a story

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Vincent T. Davis, metro reporter for the San Antonio Express-News and former Ranger student, speaks to The Ranger staff about his experience reporting Feb. 14 in Loftin. Davis said driving around San Antonio to find stories is his office. “Everyone has a story,” he said. “People want to talk about their story; they want to tell you.” Andrea Moreno

Former student visits with Ranger staffers to share his experience as a veteran reporter

By Kelli  Renae

You won’t find Vincent Davis hanging around the newsroom.

“Outside is my office,” the San Antonio Express-News reporter said.

On Feb. 14 Davis spoke to aspiring journalism students about his work and his start at The Ranger.

He said it’s the experience of meeting people and listening to their stories that gave him an affinity for feature articles.

In his perspective, human factors are vital to the newspaper.

Among his stories are tales of the 1,005 faces, a women demonstrating the array of diversity and culture in the community by taking photos of 1,005 people’s faces and their messages.

Students drew up in a circle as Davis told enticing tales of adventure and shared wisdom for future reporters.

Retired from the Air Force, Davis cast about for the next act.

While working on a degree in graphic arts, he joined The Ranger as a cartoonist and soon began writing.

All the valuable knowledge he said he obtained as a reporter, he learned at The Ranger. “It’s the bedrock of everything I do.”

He started at the Express-News as a part-time city desk editorial assistant while he finished his bachelor’s degree.

Once he graduated from Texas State University, he was hired full time.

Newspapers are meant to inform but as he staunchly emphasized, “We are not robots. There should be empathy for the suffering of others.”

A reporter does the public service by illuminating news, locally or nationally, but as he said, “They do not have to talk with us.”

That’s why respect and due diligence is necessary, he said.

Even if a career doesn’t entail writing, learning about the functions of a story can guide anyone in various professions.

He stressed the importance of honing skills as a reporter now. “It’s your voice. That’s the beauty. We don’t want to sound alike.”

He encouraged students to be the best version of themselves.


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