Students need a more accessible website to find key resources

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COVID-19 has drastically changed the way society interacts, leaving only online resources to students.

Aside from services like Financial Aid TV on the college district’s website, it seems phone calls and e-mail are the only way to interact with advisers and staff.

With a crisis like this, the district needs to offer a medium that allows all students to connect and discuss the services/resources they use or can provide.

It is important for students to stay connected and informed to cope with this pandemic.

Also, the website is an amazing resource.

However, it is often hard to navigate (especially when you don’t even know what you’re looking for).

San Antonio College needs to either re-format their website to make resources more easily accessible or create a medium that allows naive students to connect with different services, networks, hobbies and people.

The University of Texas at Austin has a medium like this, called “Hire Longhorn.” Students can search key terms that will redirect them to related services, jobs, clubs or classes.

COVID-19 has created mass hysteria and has filled our streets with anxiety and uncertainty. Self-isolation can sometimes be dangerous as these factors trigger multiple disorders affiliated with depression. Domestic violence will rise during the quarantine.

It’s important for students to be aware of the free services the counseling department offers. These are trained professionals to assist in coaching, substance abuse counseling and crisis intervention.

Shylee Baertich

Communications Sophomore


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