College website should be easier to navigate

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Since starting at San Antonio College in January of 2017, I have never been fond of the San Antonio College school website.

When trying to search the library for books, it is difficult to search due to where the website routes you.

The San Antonio College website should be easier to navigate, the layout is nice, but it needs some fixing.

I recall a year ago, the school’s website was updated but this made it harder for navigation. I am not sure who edits the website, but it can get frustrating at times.

College is stressful enough, not being able to get help in an easy way, adds unnecessary stress.

The most asked questions should be on the top of the pages, I suggest sending a survey for the advisors to fill out.

The survey will ask questions about student’s issues and most common questions. Once the surveys are turned in, the updates will be made to San Antonio College website.

Of course, this is just an idea and can only come to light when someone acts. We can complain daily but complaining doesn’t solve issues.

We, the student body, need to come together.

Daneisha Mathis

Nursing Sophomore


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