Replacing mascot raises questions about college leaders

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Initially, I did not care whether or not SAC changes the mascot for the school. I still don’t put much value in what the mascot is but wonder what the change says about SAC.

The practice of racism and discrimination is deplorable, and I worry that the motivation and act of replacing the Ranger mascot is actually engaging in the same small-minded stereotyping that creates division.

I have no doubt that there have been numerous cases in history where (Texas) Rangers were involved in despicable acts, but are we saying the Rangers are still the same today?

Painting all the Rangers of today with the brush of history is the same thing racists do when they point to the bad actions of a few people to rationalize convicting a whole ethnicity, nationality or religion of a crime.

Is law enforcement in general bad or inherently racist? If so, SAC has no business running a law enforcement academy and should close it down before changing the mascot.

One of the graduates could become a Texas Ranger in the future. How will SAC feel on that day? #SACProud or #SadSAC ?

Replacing the mascot is a trivial response to discrimination, but it is easy to do and will make some feel like they have accomplished something rather important.

SAC itself has a history of discrimination, starting as a segregated school during a time when that was the status quo in the state and country.

Should the employees of SAC today be judged by its history? Are they all racists? Maybe SAC should be shut down all together?

If you are thinking this is a ludicrous line of thought, good for you, but realize the exact same reasoning is being used to convict, of all things, a school mascot.

If the mascot is replaced, what will that say about the leaders of SAC?

Anthony Hernandez

Liberal Arts Sophomore


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