Conqueror would be good mascot as students ‘conquer’ college life

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In response to the posted article, “Somos La Gente: The Ranger Mascot is a Symbol of White Supremacy” (July 7), a question that may be floating in the air, if it is even seen as such a massive priority, is now that the ranger does not represent the college any more, what should replace it as the new mascot?

I want to dub SAC the San Antonio College Conquerors.

Being called a “conqueror” sounds much more appealing and satisfying, than being called a “ranger.”

In terms of being a mascot, the term “conqueror” may become a little figurative. Why should we have some silly, cartoon-like character be the mascot? Plus, doesn’t it feel like we are a bit too old for mascots?

If we are to replace the ranger, a term that deceivingly represents white supremacy, we should replace it with a term that can represent the entirety of San Antonio College, spanning all genders and races.

A conqueror represents someone who takes on the competition or the challenge and vanquishes the occasion to come out as the victor.

At this college, we have to conquer college life to the fullest.

Conquer all of your academics, conquer the goal of joining clubs, go get that degree!

Go out there and pursue your dreams. Let us students be the conquerors. Let our academic image represent San Antonio College. Let “us” be the mascot.

Riley Carpenter

Journalism Freshman


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