Students do not have to worry about tuition

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Re: “Free classes among help for students to stay on track” (May 4)

Coming from a humble background, I have experienced a lot struggles in my life, and not having access to certain things is hard.

I have friends who can’t go to college because their parent can’t afford their tuition.    

Having scholarships or financial aid is a blessing people should take advantage of while they can. 

I’m glad to know that if I’m not able to pay for my classes, there are many other ways for me to still go to school.

Students at Alamo Colleges are lucky to have so many resources to pay their tuition.  

As a student, I know school is not easy, but struggle and self-efficacy are the way to success.   

Thank you, Alamo Colleges, for providing this amazing plan for students.

Verra Leticia Kombou Kepka

Computer Programming Freshman


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