Experience with racism deepens understanding of issue

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I recently interacted with somebody people would call a racist.

Though I see many people on social media post such ugly things about racism, it really caught me off guard experiencing it.

So when I came across the article “More than a mascot – How the Ranger name echoes a racist past” written by Sergio Medina (June 30), it caught my eye.

After my encounter with a situation similar to what the article discusses, I see a deeper meaning in the frustration and anger people experience when seeing racial discrimination.

So I agree with students who are angry toward the mascot and chants that are associated with the mascot.

During 2020 there has been a massive amount of support by millennials and adults about the ongoing battle against prejudice and injustice against all races, but it is still easy to overlook just how deep an impact racism leaves in organizations like San Antonio College.

It is important for us as students to do as much as we can to put an end to racial discrimination that still is present.

Ryan Rendon

Journalism Sophomore


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