Availability of wi-fi helps students learn

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I read the story “Wi-Fi keeps students connected” (April 4) and really appreciated the information given about where each of the colleges offers wi-fi.

It was a helpful article for a new student, and the information provided was clear and easy to read and understand. It is nice to know that if anyone needs help, the colleges offer wi-fi.

It is great to see the different colleges continue to succeed despite Covid-19.

Although right now is a difficult time, I am pleased that we still have the ability to learn.

I also found it helpful that I can email the source of the information if I were to have any questions or need more information.

Even though the article is a bit older, the information is still relevant, especially when trying to figure out where to go for wi-fi for the first time.

Brannagan Madden

Communications Freshman

Northeast Lakeview College


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