Too easy to ‘point finger’ at flawed organizations

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Re: “Changing mascot holds group responsible for acts of a few” (Oct. 13)

Alas, I had given up hope for a common sense and logical discussion of this topic until I read the refenced submission.

Unfortunately, in the current climate, it is so easy to point the finger at flawed organizations and cry for the defunding of all that sacrificed to build our 

Regrettably, there is no such group not made of weak human beings who have not made grievous mistakes in addition to their noble deeds. However, the lesson is that these mistakes have been highlighted, with steps taken to correct wrongs and have violators punished. 

We must study history, not have riotous individuals dictate what it means. That is how men have always been enslaved.

If my ancestors were defiled or defrauded, I, too, would seek legal redress. Then I would seek to make positive changes, instead of accepting a socialist “utopia” devoid of law and order that would instead deprive the masses in favor of the few that would dictate their emotional rhetoric.

A Texas Ranger holds renown across the world. It is an amazing thought and sign of the times that he or she should have lost credibility in their own home state.

Riley Davison

RTVB Sophomore


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