Trotting virtually: Turkey Trot encourages fun, health with 5k run

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Graphic by Sergio Medina


By Ramon J. Barrera III

Update: Registration is extended to Tuesday. Spots are still available.

Working or speaking virtually is becoming the norm for 2020 so why not throw in a virtual 5K run?

Nov. 15 is the final day to submit an application for the Turkey Trot or until all slots are filled. Not only is it virtual of course, participants can complete it any time before Thanksgiving Day.

Entrants need to photograph themselves running or walking to show participation. The rules also state they can photograph themselves doing the walk/run over a period of days as long as they reach the full 5K run before Thanksgiving Day.

The main goal for participants is to start a health and fitness journey. The 5K run, which is roughly 3.1 miles, is a great starter to get new runners/walkers out of the gate.

Despite being virtual and on the honor system, the Turkey Trot aims to get people moving or keep people active, even during a pandemic.

Usually, these runs or walks are a fun way to connect with friends and family or meet new people who may share interests. Ultimately, these events promote fun and health within the community or the institution.

To sweeten the deal, the entry fee has been waived. The only downside is participants will not get the usual T-shirt that comes with a 5K run.

What participants will receive is a bib and a medal. Participants must photograph themselves wearing the bib during a run at their convenience, and then submit it to

All this must be done on or before Thanksgiving Day and all participant photos will be posted on social media.

To register, visit, fill out the form that follows and get ready to move.


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