Early childhood studies helps students, care providers

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By Vanessa Montano Rodriguez


Early childhood studies can help students who want to continue studying but worry about child care.


“This program helps them by giving them options for child care places, or by leaving them in the care of the staff at the center located at the colleges, and more than anything, giving them the security and confidence that their little ones are in good hands,” administrative assistant Mary Ester Moreno said.

“On the other hand, we also offer a course where either the student wants to learn child care to better care for his own little one or wants to become a childcare provider and form part of the childcare team in a professional place,” Moreno said.

“We also care about the community, which means that anyone who needs child care help is invited to contact us for help or any type of information,” Moreno said.

The cost of the child care service varies based on student income. Nonstudents will be charged per week for each child — $163 for babies; $160 for toddlers and $157 for preschoolers.

Students need to register online at www.alamo.edu and search for early childhood studies.

The downloadable application is on the site.

Return the application either in person at the office at 210 West Ashby Place or by fax at 210-486-9288.

Nonstudents need to call the office at 210-486-0530 to register for child care, Moreno said.

“At this moment, we are currently closed on campus because of Covid-19, but we are still providing services where we help the person to find another place that is associated with us outside of campus,” Moreno said.

She said no date has been set to reopen.

“These types of programs are important for our community to have because it helps people who think that because they are parents, they have to leave school to take care of their children,” Moreno said.

“To keep looking for our dreams, we will always run into obstacles, but small obstacles that can be resolved if we look in the right place,” she said.


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