Reader finds story on Common Read confusing

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Re: “Library Common Read events underway” (Oct. 27)

I found this article difficult to understand at times.

In the beginning, the author describes the workshops related to the Common Read book set to occur in the coming weeks.

They are described as “workshops for slam participants,” “a short story discussion” and “a short story slam.”

No other details are given as to what these events will include. Then, later in the article, after a description of how to access an e-book of “The Moth Presents Occasional Magic,” an indirect quote says “Common Read, similar to a podcast, is a gathering where students are able to tell their stories.”

From my understanding, the Common Read was a program in which several classes use the same book and that book is available to students at no cost.

That leads me to believe that this is a description of one of the recent Zoom events, but which one is unclear.

Overall, too much is said about how the Common Read came to be, and not enough is said about the Zoom events themselves, which is supposed to be the topic of the article, according to the headline. 

Gavin Boyle

Science Freshman


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