Will cleaning protocols continue after Covid-19 threat ends?

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Re: “Cleaning crew disinfects the college” (Dec. 7)

During these current Covid-19 times, many new safety precautions and cleaning practices are taking place, and it is a great idea to reflect on how things could and should have been better before the global pandemic invaded our lives.

Would Alamo Colleges say cleaning routines before Covic-19 were adequate for common illnesses and infections?

New data shows that the number of children and adults coming down with common illnesses like the flu and strep throat are down across the country. 

This may be in part because of mask wearing and social distancing, but even more it may be because of better and more frequent cleaning practices. 

If floors are being regularly cleaned and stopping the transmission of germs from location to location, if door handles are being sanitized in between uses slowing the spread and if water fountains are being sterilized often or taken out of use, it begs the question, “How much more could Alamo Colleges (or the public in general) help to stop spreading germs in normal, non-Covid life?”

Let’s ask one more question.

“Will this be a new cleaning program carried on after the risk of Covid-19 has diminished and life returns to a new normal?

Kristina Sutton

Liberal Arts Freshman


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