New student impressed with college’s community involvement

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Re: “Students design biker cafe, hope to build” (Dec. 7)

As someone who is new to San Antonio College, it’s endlessly amazing to see how much this college truly embodies community involvement. 

Having an opportunity to contribute to improvements on our local parks, especially one with as much foot traffic as Woodlawn Lake, is the kind of values-driven project that really helps a SAC student feel grounded where they are. 

Having moved here from a town of 200  people in Montana, where community was everything, it’s sometimes hard to find that in a city as large as San Antonio. But it’s ideas like these that have the power to launch someone’s career right where they are. 

As a side note, an architecture program is exactly what I’ve been looking for in the surrounding universities. I had no idea until reading this that this college not only has one, but it has earned a good reputation.

I’ll be looking into it more. This piece highlighted a part of the college’s programming and zoomed in on a particular student’s pursuit, and I greatly enjoyed it.

Tyler Pursch

Political Science Freshman


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