Faculty website features “model instructors”

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This college’s Faculty Senate talks about Faculty Focus, a segment that features a “model instructor” monthly on the Teaching and Learning Center’s website, during the senate’s March 19 meeting on Zoom. The project was presented by Sen. Linda Robertson-Schule. The next senate meeting is 12:30-2:30 p.m. April 9. Faculty members can nominate peers at any time at https://www.alamo.edu/sac/academics/teaching-and-learning/. Rocky Garza Jr.

Information how to submit nominations is on the teaching and learning center website.

By Rocky Garza Jr.


The Faculty Senate previewed a segment new to the teaching and learning website called Faculty Focus.

The purpose of the Teaching and Learning Center is to serve as a resource for faculty and staff with workshops and teaching and learning events.

The Faculty Focus segment, presented by Sen. Linda Robertson-Schule during the March 19 meeting via Zoom, features faculty selected for outstanding work in the classroom.

Robertson-Schule said, “Any full-time or part-time faculty member can be nominated, and if chosen, they are given a feature page that commemorates them on the great things they are doing; while also given time to speak on video about their experience.”

The February Winner for Faculty Focus was Jeanette Brunch, adjunct professor of EDUC 1301, Learning Framework, who was nominated as a “model instructor” for this college by her peers.

Brunch was the first to be featured on the segment and no nominations were made in March.

A selection for April has already been made. Shelley Sheppard, a full-time biology professor and program coordinator of biology and anthropology, was chosen for her leadership and her work in development and training.

Besides the new segment, Robertson-Schule said, “The teaching and learning center website is a great website for all faculty, tenured, non-tenured, full-time and part-time to share, learn and grow together.”

Some things that faculty members could pick up today are resources related to training, education and wellness resources along with professional development opportunities.

To nominate a faculty member for April or see the resources from the Teaching and Learning Center website, go here.

Joan J. Jaimes, director of the teaching and learning center, said there is no deadline for nominations for each month, as she sends out emails to the department chairs, who then forward the email to their faculty about the segment. Faculty members can then submit their nominations at any time.

Apart from the website, Sandoval said the senate has not heard from President Robert Vela on the proposal of allowing faculty to sell a portion of their sick leave and will continue to monitor the issue.

Additionally, Sen. Luis Rodriguez said the mascot selection committee has been working to narrow the list of mascot submissions to 10 finalists. A link to the survey was sent out to this college’s faculty, staff and students April 1.

Rodriguez said the deadline is 5 p.m. April 16 to submit an entry for the mascot survey

The next Faculty Senate meeting will be 12:30-2:30 p.m. April 9 via Zoom. To join, go here.

For more information on the senate, go here.


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