Throwback Thursday April 1-30, 2021

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Throwback Thursday April 1-30, 2021

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#Tbt to 1989, today’s April Fools’?! Delightful. Off we go, and the first story — wow, this one sounds serious — is about the then maintenance supervisor imposing a gag order to restrain maintenance workers from spilling the beans on anything other than technical matters about the college. One administrator said, “These guys are maintenance. All they know is how an air-handler works.” As true in the ‘80s as in the present, the journalism program teaches us: don’t make assumptions. Next, bats causing pandemics in ’89? No, just a 30,000-strong bat roost living on the outer walls of Moody Learning Center, in what was considered one of the largest roosts in the state! The building would have remodeling done in 1991. Part of the plan was to remove the roost. One professor called Moody a “better roost for bats than it is a building for people.” And lastly, the briefs section, a compilation of short updates from different areas of the college. “Bomb threat” — for the love of today’s comedic spirit, this #tbt sure does not help with its dark tone. “The San Antonio Police Department was not involved because no bomb was found” after faculty and students had been evacuated for one hour after an anonymous caller said they had placed a bomb in the chemistry-geology building.


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