Letter: One view deserves another

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It was interesting to see anti-war protestors allowed on campus during the recent Octoberfest celebration. 

Although I am a serving member of the military forces, I was not offended. I believe in the freedom of speech guaranteed in our Bill of Rights. The question is, now that the office of student life has sponsored one private political group on campus, how will it decide which others to sponsor or exclude, and on what grounds? Can we look forward to pro-/and anti-abortion tables, pro-/and antigun tables, and pro-/and anti-immigration tables to go along with those for the anti-war effort? 

Student life either owes the student body an explanation of why and how private political advocates are allowed on campus, or it owes us an apology for allowing Truth in Recruitment to advocate their views here where we come to learn.

Trent Puckett

Nursing Freshman


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