Parking stickers not enforced

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Why do students need to buy parking stickers? Have you ever noticed all the cars in the parking lots that do not have stickers? There are hundreds of them taking up space for those students that buy stickers like we are instructed to. 

An officer was asked if they were going to start giving tickets to these violators, and his response was “we have to take care of the handicapped parking and fire lanes first.” If these thieves that are using campus parking without paying are not fined, then what’s the point of paying for stickers? 

For those of us who paid for stickers and park wherever we can receive a ticket, from what I’m told, our grades are held until they are resolved or paid. Those without stickers cannot be strong-armed to pay for tickets because they are not registered, and payment cannot be enforced by holding their grades, that’s convenient. I read in The Ranger that the committee is already arguing over who is going to park in a parking structure that does not exist and has neglected the ones that do. 

What’s the point of creating rules if no one enforces them? All they are doing is creating more parking for violators, which steal from campus revenue, leaving those that follow the rules on the side of the road with a ticket.

Rene Castillo

IT Networking Sophomore


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