Customer service for students needs work

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Customer service. We’re all about the students. Support the classroom mission first.

You hear similar slogans repeatedly throughout the district.

Unfortunately, they often seem like so much lip service.

For example, take the case of trying to pay a tuition bill. Currently, students can register about two months in advance of the spring semester, but they can’t get a bill or pay the bill until three weeks after registration begins.

It seems unreasonable for anyone to turn down money when offered.

So what reason does the bursar’s office at this college have for making students wait to pay their tuition?

It is understandable for students on financial aid and loans because they have to wait for their money anyway.

But what about the rest of the student body?

The district keeps trumpeting slogans like “student success” and “opportunities for advancement,” yet students are constantly required to jump through hoops when dealing with inexplicable demands.

This college should put to good use the money spent on Baldrige consultants to streamline the system that takes our money for “student success” in the first place.


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