District should move on from SACall listserv

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Every bureaucracy has its obstacles to overcome. No matter how streamlined it is, every organization has its problems.

This college is no different.

What keeps large organizations afloat in a sea of bureaucracy is communication, no matter how it is channeled or conveyed.

In the case of this college, a huge instrument for faculty communication is the SACall listserv, an electronic mailing list that includes the majority of employees here.

Unfortunately, the Mass Mailing Committee, courtesy of the district, is looking to limit the listserv to curb the number of complaints from faculty around the district about the number of messages received.

Is that enough to establish a committee to possibly cut off a vital part of communication for this college? Unanimous support was shown for it at the last College Academic Council meeting.

Ironically, a major complaint, as reported by The Ranger in the Nov. 16 issue, is the lack of “user input when the district makes decisions dealing with the Internet.”

A lack of communication.

Maybe the use of listserv, say like the SACall at this college, could be an appropriate venue for the district to gain the college’s input on issues that thoroughly affect students.

The district should adhere to the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” because the more the faculty communicates, the more students benefit.


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