Spurred leadership among clubs a great step

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They pushed for change and were shot down by student life, but club presidents such as William Brent Chandler of the Gay and Lesbian Association are not giving up.

It’s one thing to be stonewalled into submission, but the true test of leadership is the will to fight for beliefs — to fight for your troops.

To take the matter a few rungs higher in the ladder of authority at this college as some club presidents have.

The office of student life had set requirements for students to be involved in clubs and organizations: There had to be 10 members, with six credit hours each and a minimum GPA of 2.0, 2.5 for officers.

This obviously didn’t work for everybody. This college has a wide variety of students; some with full-time schedules, and some who take only one class. Students at this college work and have families.

They also pay into the student activity fee, which makes club and student life activities possible.

Many more students attend community colleges because they want to advance in their job or switch careers.

Those students should not be punished by not being allowed to participate in a student organization.

The Ranger commends the club presidents who met with President Robert Zeigler and Emma Mendiola, interim dean of student affairs, about the situation.

As a result, the requirements are now at a reasonable standard.

Not only did the club presidents fight for the members in their clubs, but they stood up for future students who want to be involved in campus activities.


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