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By Monte Ashqar

Attendance is a key factor for success in class.

Attending class helps retain more information, Counselor Dehlia Wallis said.

Students who miss class should be aware of the teacher’s attendance policy, Wallis said.

“In some classes a student might be allowed to miss up to six times, while in a Strategies for Success class, a student can only miss once,” Wallis added. She is unit leader for Strategies for Success.

“In SDEV 0170, I teach that if a student misses a class, then it is your responsibility to make it up,” Wallis said, referring to student development classes that teach study skills.

Wallis said statistics show students who attend class do better in those classes.

“You tend to pick up more information,” Wallis said, “especially discussions that a student won’t get from a textbook or a colleague’s notes, but only from interacting with the instructor and classmates.

“The better attendance you have, the better your chances of doing well in class,” she said.

Wallis said students retain more information from class when they attend.

The college attendance policy states that students can be dropped by instructors after missing two weeks of class.


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