Be kind when driving around on campus

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The dream of a parking garage has finally become a reality.

Students who returned for their spring semester at this college all noticed the completed infrastructure waiting to be used.

In fact, students were so eager to use the parking garage that on the first few days of classes the garage was full by 8:45 a.m.

Even with the new parking spaces the garage added, it still has not alleviated the parking problem at this college.

For that reason, students need to be aware of all of the alternative places to park.

The college and VIA are no longer providing shuttle services for the Tri-point, Alamo Stadium, White Rabbit, Josephine Theater or Finesilver parking lots.

Students can still park at the San Pedro Playhouse, the Atomix and along designated businesses on Main Avenue.

A map of off-campus parking spaces can be seen at

That site also includes information on the car pool rules.

Students must be even more aware of parking lot etiquette because of all the people who will be walking through the parking lots from distant parking spaces.

The parking garage has been designated for students and faculty, so there will be constant in-and-out, which could cause accidents.

A watchful eye on the part of drivers and pedestrians is needed.

Being mindful of surroundings is not just good advice for the times when people are on campus; good sense is something we should be learning in college.

Obey all traffic signs and drive at the 10 mph speed limit to avoid hitting a pedestrian or another car. 

Also be aware of vehicles going in and out of the parking garage entrances.

Be safe out there.


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