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Family thanks blood donors


As we recover from the ending of the last semester and the beginning of a new one, as well as the start of a new year, I realize that I have much for which to give thanks.

 To the San Antonio College community, especially the students and the staff at student activities, I am especially mindful of your support of the various blood drives, especially when the drives are highly visible. 

Many of us are aware of the health struggles of our good friend (Vice President for Administration) David Mrizek, but the blood drives were directly helpful to my family. Three Christmases ago, my oldest son was feeling ill. We finally convinced him to go to see a doctor, where a blood test was taken. 

On Dec. 31 of that year, he was admitted into the hospital with aplastic anemia, a condition in which the bone marrow stops producing any blood cells. Less than 15 years ago, this condition was nearly universally fatal. 

Because of blood drive support in San Antonio, he was able to receive much needed blood to arrest his declining condition, and because the medical center not only has great cancer research facilities, but also excellent hematology research, he was able to receive a somewhat experimental chemotherapy that has his condition in remission. 

He is now on six-month monitoring, in case he needs a bone marrow transplant, as his health continues to improve. 

Our family has long supported blood drives, but since this incident, we not only support them, we also give thanks to all who donate. 

So, to all of you who do and will support these drives, thank you. 

Dale Mooso

Engineering Technologies Professor

Parents need childcare


Several night courses are offered here; however, there are no night childcare services. 

When will our college offer this type of service? This type of service will impact our children, our success to achieve our degree plan and our career success.

Marcia Renee Wilmot 

Education Sophomore

College practicing double standard


Isn’t it odd that the president nixed a Christian group and wouldn’t allow the music business program (on the Courtland record label) to record them, but the all-powerful student life office promoted and put on a show on campus by Fort Pastor, another Christian group?

Another SAC/ACC double standard?

Jim “Scoop” Boyle

Radio-television-film Sophomore

Faculty should leave garage


All of us at SAC are very happy to see the rapid construction of the parking garage.   

The new garage has made the parking situation for faculty and staff dramatically better.

Faculty and staff now have multiple options to park at virtually any time of day. In fact, entire rows of the “faculty/staff only” parking lots by the tennis courts and gym remain open most of the day. (I do not go to other “faculty/staff only” lots so I am not aware of the parking situation there.)

But while the parking situation is nearly ideal for faculty and staff, it is far from ideal for our students.

You may or may not be aware, but parking is still so tight for students that many students are still parking on St. Mary’s Street, on the other side of San Pedro Springs Park or parking illegally.

 This brings us to the parking garage. As you know, President (Robert) Zeigler decided to keep the parking policy simple  — first-come, first-served. I believe that keeping it simple is a good idea. But it is also a “zero sum” situation. If we as faculty and staff park in the garage, we have taken a space that a student could have used.  

As long as we have other parking options a short distance away, I believe that we should avail ourselves of these nearby lots.

I appeal to the conscience of my colleagues. As long as there are spaces available in any of the faculty/staff only parking lots, we should park there instead of the garage.  

This will not solve the parking problem for students, but it will mitigate that problem. 

Most important, it is my belief that this is the right thing to do.

  J. Philip Rogers, Ph.D.

Political Science Professor


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