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By Will Underhill

In spite of all the protests, demonstrations, walkouts and sit-ins of the civil rights era and the Vietnam War, college students in this generation are often painted as being apathetic to current events and issues.

“What’s going on in the world affects you,” government Professor J.C. Horton said. “The stock market’s down — this will affect jobs, the income states will have and could theoretically affect tuition.”

“Students also need to pay attention to the news and what’s going on because it keeps you informed about the community, the honesty of your government and the honesty of businesses,” Horton said. “Newspapers are infamous for finding out scandals, but these scandals affect people. I think the news media kept reporting this subprime mortgage business that wasn’t sustainable. It was a bubble that was going to burst and a lot of people were going to get hurt.”

The best way for students to keep up with current events is to read the newspaper. Horton also suggested that students watch nightly news broadcasts, both local and national. Students can read the newspaper online if they cannot afford a subscription.

The library also has a wide selection of newspapers, magazines, journals and books available to students interested in reading up on current events.


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