Security guard fails to restrain thief breaking into Mustang

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By Ava Bustos

A security guard for the San Pedro Branch Library got into a scuffle with a man breaking into a midnight blue Mustang convertible about 6 p.m. Tuesday in the metered parking lot at West Myrtle Street and San Pedro Avenue across the from this college. 

Kimberly Misas, 24, told The Ranger she was sitting in her car when she saw a man in his late 20s trying to yank the stereo system out of the Mustang. He had apparently broken a window on the passenger side to gain entry.  Misas approached the car on that side and tried to push the thief back into the front seat to prevent his escape.  She said he managed to push her out of his way and leapt out the car.  She was able to restrain him briefly; however, as they were wrestling, he threatened her with a screwdriver. 

“He tried stabbing me with a screwdriver,” Misas told park police, who arrived about 10 minutes after the incident. 

When Misas let go of the suspect to free herself from danger, the suspect ran into the park, where Misas saw him join a young female and a young male. 


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