Cancellation of fundraiser leaves Staff Council asking questions

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By Ryan Johnston

Liability issues put a stop to Staff Council’s parking lot fundraiser this year during Fiesta.
Traditionally, the fundraiser is used to fund scholarships for staff of the college to attend classes; however, President Gil Castillo said the district will fund the council if they send a budget to district.
“The liability issues are there,” Castillo said. “The thing is if we are covered or not because we are off the clock.”
Member Gracie Savage noted that other events, such as the Book Fair, have volunteers and asked if they were covered by insurance and could have their events.
Coincidentally, the Book Fair was canceled this year.
Faculty and staff will wonder why they cannot participate in one event but are allowed to partake in another event, when the same factors for liability are present, she said.
Castillo added that it was a valid point and would bring it to the attention of the district.
In other news, members are looking at elections for the fall semester.
“Elections are right around the corner, hopefully by May, but we need to find people who are committed and look out for their fellow co-workers,” Castillo said. “I do fight for y’all, believe it or not. We are only as strong as y’all can be.”
Member Deborah Harrison stated she would like the council to expand their members to include employees in other buildings because at the moment, many of the council members are from Fletcher Administration Center.
“This can bring different avenues some may not know about,” Harrison said.
However, Castillo added that the location of council members changes and suggested when members nominate new staff for the council they should ask people they are familiar with, but to not be afraid to venture off and ask new people.
In other business, Castillo brought information from the Unified Staff Council about a districtwide picnic and asked members if they would be interested in participating.
“It helps with networking, which is very important to do,” he said.
Castillo said he thought the picnic was a good idea because it would help the relationship with other councils.


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