Redeem student government’s activist roots

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Once upon a time, student government at this college was a gathering of hell-raising go-getters.
Today, it seems like a general session of the United Nations, well-meaning but structurally ineffectual.
Student government wants to improve campus recycling efforts.
But is this a student mandate? Likely many more student concerns are of higher priority.
While recycling is a worthy cause (and The Ranger supports expanding the program), student government is here to reflect student concerns and represent student interests.
When the actions of a governing body do not reflect its constituents’ needs, communication is usually the problem.
Staffing the information desk in Loftin Student Center for four hours each week is a good start, but only a small percentage of students actually set foot in the building.
Reach out to students through the Internet, use PALS and talk to every student with whom you cross paths to learn their concerns.
Once concerns are clear, don’t be timid.
It’s time student government gets passionate about problems that affect us all.
Get going and do something others can join in.
Sitting in a small office talking endlessly hasn’t gotten the U.N. anywhere, either.


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