Student activity fee should fund clubs

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The student life office uses its personnel’s time and our student activity fee to engage and entertain, yet a perpetual low or lack of participation has led to postponement and cancellation of intramurals and other events.
Unless students trip over activities in the mall on the way to class, they are unlikely to turn out for such events.
Time and money — precious resources at this cash-strapped campus — are squandered without much of a return.
Every student — on-campus and online — pays $1 per semester hour as a student activity fee. What do online students get? What about evening students? What about students barely stretching their week over work, school and family obligations?
We propose that student life fund campus clubs instead of continuing to waste money on the handful of students who seem to have plenty of time to hang around the arcade.
Students who join clubs are usually engaging in enrichment activities with fellow majors.
Their members advocate and inform a larger audience through networking; therefore, more students know about and attend their events.
Why should they have to continually perform fundraisers to continue providing student enrichment while our student activity fee is wasted on frivolous events that may or may not even happen?


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