Technology not answer to emergency needs

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The district’s department of public safety sent a districtwide message — colloquially known as a SAC-all — saying that the department is working on improving evacuation procedures.
One of the department’s ideas was to send text messages, e-mails and telephone messages to all student and faculty cell phones, instructing them to evacuate in case of an emergency.
The 2007-08 college bulletin lists several emergency and nonemergency police phone numbers.
Many of those numbers did not work or had been reassigned to different departments.
If the district and DPS wish to create an effective evacuation plan, the little things need to be attended to first.
DPS officers did not even know that some of these numbers existed.
Lisa Morales, college catalog and schedule coordinator, said that if any numbers were listed incorrectly, department personnel should contact her with corrections.
Doesn’t anyone proof the catalog before it’s printed?
Newspapers dial all phone numbers before they are printed.
No one wants to receive an avalanche of unwanted phone calls unnecessarily; it’s no good for business.
Sure, we still make mistakes, but when the incorrect information involves phone numbers for reaching public safety officers, lives could be in danger.
Surely that’s worth the time it would take to dial a few numbers before publication.


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