DSS, vets move in

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Veterans affairs and disability support staff become amiable roommates in Moody.



Disability support services worked out of Chance Academic Center for more than 20 years, Delia A. De Luna, student services assistant, said.

That changed on July 25 when they moved to a new home on the fist floor of Moody Learning Center.

De Luna said the college wanted to merge veterans affairs with disability support because veterans often use both.

They have experienced the normal disruption in routines that accompanies a big move, but De Luna said they are getting settled into their new home.

Twenty years is a long time to be in a single location, De Luna said.

Much like a personal move, De Luna said they are all experiencing a transition time adjusting to the new space.

She said routines will take time to develop, but they will adjust well.

Some new bulletin boards have not yet arrived.

De Luna said the move has brought “nothing major” in terms of problems.

She said the challenge is arranging how they will adjust the furniture and establish the new routines.

De Luna’s comments were corroborated by temporary student support assistant Lolly Espinoza, who began working in the office as a student employee.

About the merger, she said, “I love it. They are the sweetest people, good people.”

Espinoza said she thought it made sense because many veterans also use the support offered by her office.

She said although it is a different space, she likes the location and her experience accessing the office is not different from accessing the old office in Chance.

She said the critical factor is her access. “Depending on where I park, getting in is no problem.”

The location made sense to her because Moody is “the center building of the campus.”

Espinoza said many still do not know they moved.

Disability support services is on the southern side of Moody accessible by stairs and one lengthy ramp approaching the southwest corner leading to the patio.

The exterior entrance is a single automatic door opening to the reception area from the patio on the southern wall.

From the interior, the waiting area of the counseling offices in the heart of the building is the pathway to the disability support and veterans offices.


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