NLC offers free movies, popcorn, drink

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Ten years ago, the average cost of a movie was $5.80, according to the National Organization of Theater Owners. A trip to the movies today could cost $25, for one.

The average ticket price has escalated to $10. A bucket of popcorn and a drink can cost close to $15. All together, it could cost the same price to fill your gas tank as to treat a date to a chick flick.

Northeast Lakeview College provides some box office relief. The office of student leadership and activities presents Middle of the Month Movies with free popcorn and drinks. The event is first-come, first-served for a maximum group of 85.

“The Hunger Games” was featured Sept. 19. “Dark Shadows” will be shown Oct. 10, and “The Bourne Legacy” Nov. 14.

This is a first time event for the college, said Cheryl LeGras, director of student development activities and leadership. Films are shown in Room 201 of the student commons, and each movie has a noon and 3 p.m. showing.

There is no theater seating; however, surround sound and an elevated floor across from the large screen provides good viewing.

“A deal with Swank Motion Pictures allows the college to show movies after they have been released from theaters but not on DVD yet,” LeGras said.

She said faculty and staff members are welcome in an attempt to build closer relationships with students.

Before the film begins employees introduce themselves and their role on campus. After the movie, students are encouraged to interact with employees. LeGras said students interacted well with a staff member.

At the Sept. 19 showing, some of the students knew John Beck from the writing center, so now every time the students visit the writing center, they have something to converse about other than schoolwork, she said.

“The Hunger Games” attracted eight students for the noon showing and 19 students for the 3 p.m. showing. LeGras attributes the low turnout to it being the debut presentation.

She plans to promote the next movie with larger posters.

For more information, call student development at 210-486-5404.


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