$20,000 in tickets estimated for semester

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Alamo Colleges police officers have given out more tickets this semester at this college than in the last two fall semesters.

Data provided in an Oct. 2 email from Sgt. Michael Nemcic show that 959 tickets have been issued this semester, up from 767 this time in 2011, and 390 this time in 2010. With the average cost of parking tickets at $21, ticketed students will spend about $20,000 this semester in fines.

The No. 1 violation is failure to display a valid parking permit. The majority of those tickets are given out in the parking garage on West Myrtle Street, but Nemcic was unable to provide the number.

The prime time for parking tickets is between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. The police blotter for this college narrows down the hours to 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The blotter is available to the public on the district website at www.alamo.edu/district/police/police-blotter.

The data also show that Lot 32 at Ogden and Dewey Streets, and the soon-to-be-closed Lot 26 at West Park and North Main avenues, are prime locations for burglary of motor vehicles.

Lot 26 will be closed until construction of the Tobin Lofts is complete in about a year, Tim Rockey, dean of continuing education training network, said in an interview on Sept. 19.

The district police blotter states eight vehicle burglaries have occurred from Aug. 25 to Oct. 5 on this campus. According to the blotter, three happened in the parking garage, one in Lot 26, three in unspecified parking lots, and one reported at the police station. No vehicles have been towed this semester because of parking violations.

Chief Don Adams said towing or booting takes place for parking violations only in cases of blocking roadways or emergency vehicle access.

Adams said parking violations would be dealt with through holds on a student’s account.

Adams said the towing service for parking violations is Danny’s Road Service, 315 Rivas St. The web address for Danny’s Road Service, www.dannysroadservice.com, accesses the website for Creswell’s Wrecker Service, 114 Brooklyn Ave.

Michael Guerrero of Creswell’s Wrecker Service told The Ranger that Creswell’s Wrecker Service tows for accidents and breakdowns of vehicles at this college but not for parking violations. If a vehicle is towed for an accident or breakdown, Creswell charges $68.50, but that can vary by mileage and the addition of a $20-a-day storage fee, he said.

Guerrero said that if students, faculty or staff are locked out, have a flat tire, or their car batteries are running low on campus, the company provides rescue services at no charge to the motorist. Creswell’s Wrecker Service charges $40 to the college for each assistance, he said.

For these services, call the district police dispatch at 210-485-0099.


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