Digital art students showcase works

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Places 9 by Inessa Bicknell

Places 9 by Inessa Bicknell

65 pieces are exhibited in visual arts center.


Professor Tom Willome in the visual arts program said this year he selected a total of 65 pieces of digital art produced by students for an exhibit in the visual arts center.

This is the first time he and the fine arts faculty decided to focus on digital art, he said.

“Students like to see their work being exhibited, and we are also sharing them on our Facebook page, which is getting around 700 organic looks (per post) from the public, he said.

Willome explained the artwork in the gallery has been produced by students who have taken ARTS 2348, Digital Art 1, and ARTS 2349, Digital Art 2, in the past three years as well as students who are currently taking the courses.

The exhibit showcases a variety of colors, patterns and textures.

“On an annual basis, we select the best work that we accumulate from our students,” Willome said.

After receiving nearly 1,000 entries, Willome selected his top 65 art pieces.

“I eliminated any work that has been exhibited before … I made my selection based on quality and picked pieces that complement each other as a whole,” he explained.

The artwork will be on display on the first and second floors of the center, which is open to the public 7 a.m.-7:30 p.m. weekdays until Dec. 12.

For more information, call Willome at 210-486-1043.


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