Student wins $500 scholarship

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Holiday card design was redrawn to remove The Ranger.


Education sophomore Kathryn Ramirez is proud of her victory in the annual president’s holiday card design contest.

Ramirez described the moment she received a call from project coordinator Robin Collett Oct. 7 as a shocking experience for which she has still not recovered.

“My eyes turned so big, and my mouth dropped to the floor,” Ramirez said Oct. 26 in a telephone interview.

The winner of the $500 scholarship said she decided to create four cards for the contest, but she had a feeling that one, which included three snowmen on the cover, was her strongest entry.

“I had to go back and redo my card because the original version wasn’t acceptable because I had the snowmen reading The Ranger, which I was told had nothing to do with the contest,” Ramirez said.

The winner edited the card by removing the newspaper out of the hands of the snowmen and instead drew books in their hands.

“I decided to put snowmen on the cover to make it seem like students reading,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez described the experience as “a little stressful, but overall worth the stress.”

“Three days before the deadline, a student in one of my classes told me about the contest,” Ramirez explained.

The winner also will be introduced at the president’s holiday gathering on Dec. 7, where she will receive a scholarship from President Robert Zeigler.

“I am very exited about meeting the president,” Ramirez said.

“And the money, I will use it for my next semester in spring.”

The contest was judged by Zeigler; Dr. Robert Vela, vice president of academic and student success; and Vanessa C. Torres, public relations officer.

Collett said that among the 12 entries, Ramirez and another student were the only ones who submitted hand-drawn cards.

“The judges liked her entry because it was very different from the ones we have had in the past years,” Collett said.


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