‘No hiccups’ during Region 6 meeting

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Chat with the Chancellor set for 10 a.m. Thursday in Loftin.



This college played host to the Texas Junior College Student Government Association Region 6 Conference on Nov. 2-3.

During their weekly meeting Nov. 5, members of SGA congratulated each other the success of their first Region 6 conference.

“There was no hiccups,” Secretary Justin Wideman said.

On Nov. 2, 30 members from this college, Del Mar College and Victoria College met at Koehler Cultural Center, and U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, addressed the conference.

Doggett served as the president of the student government at the University of Texas at Austin and credits the association with launching his future in public service, President Jacob Wong said.

A team-building exercise at the conference was “toxic spill” in which participants moved a bucket filled with water from the Catholic Student Center to Loftin Student Center. If any water spilled, a judge would remove a member, and the team had to continue minus one.

The exercise was designed to help break the ice between students and demonstrate the importance of working as a team, Wong said.

Following the exercises, the conference moved downtown, and attendees cruised the San Antonio River on a tour barge. The visiting students loved it, Wong said.

On Saturday, the conference turned its attention to SGA business, Wong said. They discussed expectations of advisers and contests to enter at the state conference April 11-14 in Houston.

This college’s SGA will compete in poetry, song, essay, event of the year, chapter of the year and project of the year. Winning at state is not only winning for SGA, it is for this college, Wong said. “The trophy that comes back is to the college,” he said.

The cost for the conference was $3,837 paid from college President Robert Zeigler’s discretionary budget. Dues collected totaled $625.

In other news, SGA announced that Chat with the Chancellor will take place at 10:30 a.m. Thursday in the faculty and staff lounge of Loftin. The open forum with Chancellor Bruce Leslie will be open to faculty and staff, but only students can ask questions.

SGA members also voted unanimously to add the positions of historian and parliamentarian to be better prepared for the state conference.

The historian will be responsible for keeping a scrapbook of SGA’s activities and events for an academic year.

The parliamentarian will be responsible for making sure that every meeting is following parliamentary procedure.

“We absolutely have to strictly follow it once we get to state,” Wong said.

To fill the positions, SGA could hold a special election that could take weeks or Wong could appoint students. “I do not prefer to do appointment … but it could take two weeks or more just to get everything set and then another week for end results. We’re already half way through our semester,” Wong said.

No final decision on holding elections or appointments was made.

Since officer positions travel to all events and conferences, SGA will ask for a budget increase.

In other news, SGA is partnering with the office of student life and the Catholic Student Association to hold a nonperishable campuswide food drive 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday and Tuesday in the mall.

Anyone who donates at least eight cans will receive a voucher worth 10 percent off items at the college bookstore, excluding textbooks or food. If anybody donates 12 cans, they will receive a voucher for Clay Casa, a pottery painting studio, and the 10 percent voucher for the bookstore. The first five people each day to donate at least 16 cans also will receive a discount voucher for Julian’s Italian Pizzeria.

SGA will also be giving away one 16GB Mimobot flash drive each day.

Only students can sign up to win the Mimobots.


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