Letter: End financial aid delays

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This is a letter to the president, chancellor and board of trustees of the Alamo Colleges to hear and act upon the pleadings of those students at SAC who undergo the long process of verification to receive their financial aid funds.

This is a letter in regard to the lack of duty from the financial aid staff and department members.

We believe that the amount of time that is given to students on how long the verification process will take is an extreme and ridiculously long wait.

In my case, it has been a penalizing crucial wait of more than 15 weeks (reaching the total amount of a whole semester).

We are exhausted of waiting for the financial aid department to accomplish their job and desperate to receive attention from those in a higher position who are able to fix our problem.

I have sent various letters to the president and director of the financial aid office at SAC, but nothing has been done up to now.

It’s time for everyone to know how poor is the attention being given to those students in our situation, in my situation.

Will the college pay for my personal items that I have had to pawn in order to go through this long wait without my financial assistance?

Will the college pay for the debts I have gotten into for borrowing money to pay for my expenses?

Or will you finally do something about it, Mr. President?

Irma Ledezma

Science Freshman


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