Students show ingenuity in saving time, money

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socks_5377_el_11-15-12By NICOLE A. WEST 

Just like the White Rabbit from Lewis Carroll’s book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” time is essential for college students.

When starting college, many students need time they do not have because their social lives override their study time.

For students to balance school, work and a social life, they do odd things to save time and money, such as pulling all-nighters, focusing less on appearance and finding ways to save money on gas.

For sports management sophomore Nicholas Stevenson, pulling all-nighters usually results in a B grade or higher on tests.

On the other hand, many college students have their own way to conquer all-nighters.

Education sophomore Afton Barber sticks to a routine that works for her by alternating sleeping with studying.

She alternates writing for 30 minutes and sleeping for 30 minutes throughout the night, she said.

She said she does that so she will not be so tired in the morning.

Appearance also takes time in the morning before going to school. The decision is whether to wake up early and pick out an outfit or just throw something on.

Anthropology sophomore Krystal Solano said, “To save time, I tend to brush my hair back in a ponytail and throw on the first T-shirt or tank top I see.”

Sydney Peterson, American Sign Language interpreting sophomore, said she also saves time in the morning by coming to school comfortably.

“I never really dress up for school,” she said. “I’m always in running shorts and tennis shoes for the most part.”

Communication design sophomore Mandy Derfler, production manager for The Ranger, wears mismatched ankle socks she grabs from a drawer each morning.

“I am too lazy to fold them,” she said.

She said once she drew out two that matched and found that so odd, she almost put one back.

Since this college doesn’t offer student housing yet, most students have to commute to campus whether it’s by bus, bike or motor vehicle.

Student housing will be available in the fall. The Tobin Lofts, located at the North Main Avenue and East Laurel Street, will be open to students from any college.

Some students find odd ways to save money when it involves transportation.

Physical therapy sophomore Jonathan Fowler said, “I steal the lawn mower gas out of the shed when I’m running low in my truck. I don’t think my dad has picked up on that yet.”

Food is fundamental for everyone, even college students. When money is tight, many students can still find free food around campus, David Rodriguez, director of counseling, said.

Various events on campus provide food and refreshments such as punch and cookies that students can take advantage of, Rodriguez said.

Students can also receive free food from the Phi Theta Kappa food pantry.

The pantry is open to students and employees at this college. The pantry is open noon-3 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays.

One of the things the college encourages is sharing resources such as textbooks, Rodriguez said.

Students save money when they share or sell their books to their friends or other students instead of paying full price at the bookstore, Rodriguez said.


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