Audience members vote for best of Short Shorts film festival

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Audience members are encouraged to wear short shorts for discount.

By Paula Christine Schuler

Josephine Theater is the place to be for anyone wanting to see short shorts and short films in February.

Short Shorts shows off award-winning films and a sampling of Spanish language films with the help of The East Los Angeles Society of Film and Arts, or Tela Sofa.

Tela Sofa is a nonprofit collaboration of filmmaking professionals who work to bring filmmaking and theater opportunities to at-risk youth as a viable alternative to drug abuse, gangs and domestic violence.

Co-hosts are San Antonio’s own singer and entertainer Geraldine Ortega and Milne Studio founder Brad Milne.

Each film is up to 15 minutes long.

Critics will include 13 local filmmakers and actors, who will judge for “The Critic’s Choice.”

Attendees will vote on a single favorite and grant the winner the title of “Undisputed Heavyweight Film Champion of the Universe.”

Results will be announced as soon as ballots are counted.

Attendees can meet and mingle with filmmakers near and far, actors, agents, photographers, sound technicians, studio owners, technicians and wanna-bes.

Short Shorts has featured local filmmakers and musicians since 2009 with efforts made to present multiple creative disciplines.

Proceeds will go toward Patient Family Services at the Cancer Treatment Center.

Photographer Laurie Jones exhibits work focused on a cancer treatment theme.

Local musicians Gilbert Carrizales and the Noise Revival Music Orchestra will perform at the event.

Lots of local art, personality meet-ups, possible costumes and contests are included for the price of a big box movie house ticket.

Ticket price is $10 general admission, but the brave wearing short shorts in February get the “Roll of the Dice Price” of $1-6 for a nice savings.

Josephine Theater is located at 339 W. Josephine about 1••• miles east of this college near the intersection of East Dewey Place and North St. Mary’s Street.

Long Shorts features long short films, or films that range from 15-30 minutes.

These screenings are 4 p.m.-6 p.m. same day, Saturday, February 9 at the Josephine Theater. Long Shorts is presented as a separate festival with separate admission.

One admission does not cover both events.

For more information, call John Lambert at 210-621-8634 or visit


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